The Issue of Hydrofracking in the Skaneateles Watershed

map&wellsHydrofracking Skaneateles:

What it Means and What You Might Do

Some definitions first:
Hydrofracking – literally – to use water to fracture rock to release gas, more recently slang for High Volume Slickwater Horizontal Hydraulic Fracturing or, HVHF– a highly industrialized method of extracting natural gas from shale.

For the purposes of this article, hydrofracking will mean HVHF

Skaneateles – A lovely town wrapped around the northern end of one of the cleanest lakes on earth. The lake is one of the few remaining unfiltered municipal drinking water sources in America.

Hydrofracking Skaneateles – oxymoron or reality? We’re on the edge. Without vigilance and action, there could be drilling in our watershed as early as the end of 2011.