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Stakeholders Need to Become Stockholders to Protect the Lake

The Skaneateles Lake Association (SLA) is a voluntary, non profit 501c(3) corporation.   It has a specific mission to do all that it can to keep the waters of Skaneateles Lake clear and pure. The SLA is not a business. It does not sell its services. But, the SLA buys supplies and equipment, contracts for work, hires staff, pays appropriate employment taxes, keeps careful financial records, undergoes a financial audit and files a tax return. Much of this work of these essential activities is done by volunteer board membersREAD MORE

It is Definitely Not OVER After Labor Day

For a number of folks Life at the Lake is over after Labor Day, but for the Milfoil Boat Crew, the Lake Stewards and the Board of the Skaneateles Lake Association the LABOR is not over. The work of the SLA is continues.

The Milfoil Boat Crew is very busy rolling up the mats that were laid down early in the summer and returning with a different boat set up to pick up those mats and get them onto a truck and put away for next year.READ MORE