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From the SLA: Lost and Found

by Fran Rotunno Fish

La casa nasconde, non ruba

It’s an old Italian saying — “the house hides but it does not steal.” But the lake steals or it serves as the “getaway car” when the wind steals. As a result, as lakefront owners begin returning to the lake, they may find items missing that they were sure they had secured on the shoreline, or they may find items that are not theirs that have been left on their shoreline.

The Skaneateles Lake Association receives notice from lake area residents of a variety of both missing and found items from small boats to cushions, flags, sections of docking and dock siding, rafts and lifejackets. We keep a log of all these items on our website’s Lost and Found page. If you see items that you are missing, please contact us and we will connect the finder to you. If you find something on your shoreline that is not yours, use the same link to report it.

We also maintain a Skaneateles Lake Association Lost and Found Facebook page.

There is one more way to get lost and found items where they belong. The Skaneateles Lake Association keeps a registry of numbers assigned to specific individuals which can be used to mark items that for reasons of topography must be left close to the shoreline. The ID begins with “SLA” and then a unique number for the individual. Using this ID on items at risk to loss in storms and winds can help us get it returned to the proper owner. If you would like a unique ID for your “at risk” items, contact us and we will get back to you.

It is always better to strongly secure items that must be left close to the shoreline, but we know that in severe storms, THE LAKE STEALS.

Please join us for the SLA 2024 Annual Meeting, Sunday, June 30th from 5pm to 7pm at Lourdes Camp (1150 Ten Mile Point). New member registrations and membership renewals will be accepted at the meeting. Register online or call 315-558-3142.

We look forward to seeing all of you there.

Skaneateles Press Observer 5/8/2024