Annual Meeting

Thank you all for a wonderful 2021 Annual Meeting. We had over 160 registrants and close to 100 attendees who joined the SLA live for the virtual meeting hosted on zoom.  Please find above the recording of the entire SLA Annual Meeting posted on YouTube. To advance to specific sections you can click on the time stamp in the videos description once opened in YouTube.

Please find below a few resources mentioned as part of the meeting:

Below is a video produced by Dr. Robert Werner’s son-in-law Andy Robinson that was referenced by SLA Board President Dr. Paul Torrisi during his opening remarks.

In an effort to continue support of SLA we are asking members to:

  • Check our current memberships on our website – under the “membership/support tab” for a particular person/family/business that you think should be members and if you do not see them listed
  • Reach out to them using the printable potential member questionnaire and member registration documents linked and share with them the importance of membership including:
    •  financial support of all the SLA efforts to keep the Lake clear and the water pure,
    • ongoing announcements of pertinent and urgent issues and educational programs &
    • increasing the volume of the SLA’s member voice with governmental agencies, municipalities and other organizations that the SLA turns to for support of issues and programs or financial support.
    • Encourage them to join the SLA. – online link to join as a new member can be found HERE.