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Hopefully, most of our readers are fortunate enough to have a good neighbor. The person who watches over your property if you are away, waters your plants, brings chicken soup when you are sick and knows how to jump start your car. You may even be lucky enough to have one who sends his/her teenager over to shovel your walkway.

The mission of the Skaneateles Lake Association is to promote environmentally and aesthetically sound regional management of Skaneateles Lake and its watershed. The simple way of saying that is that it that our mission to be a good neighbor to our lake. As an association we do that with programs whose goal is to maintain the lake’s ecology for those who drink the water, those who fish, those who swim, those who enjoy recreational boating and those who simply enjoy the view of our beautiful lake. We also do it by keeping our eyes on the lake and ears to the ground for other potential threats to the lake ecology.

We accomplish our mission predominately with the funding from our annual member registrations and there is no way that we can do what we do without them. We also accomplish our mission by education of the public regarding the actual and potential threats to our lake ecology. The articles in this newspaper and our recently distributed newsletter are out there to ensure that all of us who love the lake stay vigilant.

While the Skaneateles Lake Association aims to be a good neighbor to the lake, we have found more and more that our programs and educational articles are promoting individual good neighbors to the lake, as well. On our website we have a tab entitled “contact us” and it is getting more and more use over the past year. Good neighbors to the lake alert us to concerns about milfoil patches, dead fish along the shoreline, “scum” in the inlet in the village, collections of loose weeds on the shoreline and, of course foam and algae. We follow up on each of them – some of them turn out to be harmless and some of issues that require our focus. These good neighbors, who have eyes on the lake, are important part of our effort to meet our mission and we thank each of them for their vigilance.

Please join us in being a good neighbor to the lake first by joining the Skaneateles Lake Association each year and second by keeping eyes on the lake.   Use the “contact us” tab on our website if you see anything of concern. It is a LONG LAKE and we need eyes on the whole length of the lake.

You can join the Skaneateles Lake Association and become our mission by going to to complete your registration and pay your annual dues or you can use the form in our recently mailed newsletter. If you would like a registration form mailed to you please call 315-685-9106 and leave a message with your name and mailing address.

The SLA thanks the following individuals and organizations for their additional donations in support of the Milfoil Boat and the Lake Stewards:

Milfoil Boat Sponsors: 6/6 Margaret & Angelo Scopelianos; 6/9 Barbara Conner: 6/10 Katherine & Ben Tarentino, Beth & Bob Filiczkowski, Beth & David Dobrzynski, John Osborne; 6/11 Linda & Bruce Kenan, Ellen Brown & Carl Schramm: 6/12 & 6/13 Ellen Brown & Carl Schramm; 6/16 Susan & Curt Andersson; 6/17 Chancea & Donald Sundman; 6/20 Frank Suits; 6/21 Lynn & Gardner McLean; 6/22 Patience Brewster & Holly Gregg; 6/23 Mary & James Fox; 6/24 Jonathan Lee, Erica & Ken Byrne, Alexandra & Richard Nicklas.

Steward Sponsors: 5/27 Mary & Paul Torissi, 5/28 Jacqueline & David Eng, 5/29 Carol and Douglas Low, 5/30 Susan & Douglas Jakes, 5/31 Caroline & Jim Scully, 6/1 Joseph & Jane Kite, 6/2 Lynn Bonniver, 6/3 – 6/5 Rob Kiltz, 6/6 Patricia & Steve Fore, 6/7 Carol & Tom Fletcher, 6/8 – 6/9 Marybeth & William Gleason, 6/10 – 6/11 Mary Marshall, 6/12 Mary & Paul Torrisi, 6/13 Beverly & Dave Jones, 6/14 Kate & Mott Pooley, 6/15 Barbara & Richard Evans, 6/16 Tacie & Roland Anderson, 6/17 Lisa Letizia & Paul Florek, 6/18 Martha & William Cole; 6/19 Allison & Andrew Hider; 6/20 Peg & Mike Kelly

Source:  Skaneateles Press

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