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This past week I started to prepare another mailing requesting people to join the SLA. I spent some time extracting from our database a list of people who are lakefront owners or owners with lake rights from the Towns of Skaneateles and Spafford who had either never joined the SLA and those who have not been a member of the SLA for several years.  It was discouraging.  The list came out to be over 600 property owners.  Just as I finished determining that number, my telephone rang and I had a call that gave me the words I needed for my letter to those 600 people.

The young woman who called stated that she had recently moved to Skaneateles and had tried to join online but was having some difficulty.  She wanted me to register her over the phone.  After we worked through the process I had to ask…”why is someone who lives in the village and not on the waterfront or on a property with lake rights calling to join the SLA?”  Her response was absolutely emphatic….”I moved here recently from Connecticut near Candlewood Lake.  You have no idea how awful that lake water is.  This community is so lucky to have Skaneateles Lake.  I swim in it every day and it is such a pleasure.  We all have to do everything we can to keep it that way for the future.  Everyone who lives here has to be a part of the future of this lake.”

Our website includes a list of those who are current members which means they joined and paid annual membership dues within the past year.  Please go to that list and if you name is not on it, it means that your annual membership is due to be renewed or you need to join for the first time.  If you have any questions about your membership you can contact us via our website,, just click on the “contact us” tab or you can call me at 315-685-9106.  It is always possibly that your membership payment and our membership list update do not coincide so please call if you think you have updated your membership and your name is not on the current membership list.

You can join the SLA easily at You can enhance your annual membership fee by paying it by check thus saving us the fee we would have to pay to PayPal for a credit card or PayPal account payment.  If you do not have access to the internet call 315-685-9106 and I will send you a 2015 Registration Form and a return envelope.

The SLA thanks the following individuals and organizations for their additional donations in support of the Milfoil Boat and the Lake Stewards (names with an asterisk are those whose annual memberships and additional donations or a matching donation were received in the last few months of 2014):

Milfoil Boat Sponsors:  June 29 & 30 The Kaufman Foundation*; July 1 Bill Rosenthal & Jerry Gebo*, July 2 Bill Rosenthal & Jerry Gebo, July 6 Elizabeth and John McKinnell*; July 7 Beth & Bob Filiczkowski*, Karen & Chris Kreidler*, Chris & Wayne Mandel*; Dawn & John Altmeyer*; July 8 Victoria & Richard Meyer*; July 9  Linda & Dan Roche*, Mary Marshall; July 10 Kelly & Gregory Weaver*; July 13 Karen & Paul Black*; July 14 Peg Bisgrove*, Debra Hurley & Ira Goldman*; July 15 Margaret & Angelo Scopelianos*; July 16 Members of the Winding Way Association*. July 16 Robin & Joseph Steencken*.

Steward Sponsors: June 16 Elan & Anne Salzhauer*; June 17 John Szczech*; June 18 Elizabth Killian*; June 19 nancy Peck*; June 20 Patricia & William McAvoy*; June 21 Judy & John Varney; June 22 Contributions to the Hardy Fund; June 23 Lorraine /Rapp & Jeffrey Kirshner; June 24 Helen & Keith Simonelli; June 25 & 26 Contributions to the Hardy Fund; June 27 Robert Sheer*; June 28 – 30 Contributions to the Hardy Fund; July 1 – July 15 Jeannie & Henry Slauson*




Source:  Skaneateles Journal

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