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Fran Rotunno                     

If a student came home with a report card that indicated she/he had received a grade of 92% on the high school physics regents, I would imagine the parents would be very happy. Hopefully, they would also be aware that that grade came with a lot of hard work and commitment on the part of their child and maybe even take a little (rightfully deserved) credit for giving the child the foundation for the work ethic it took to get that 92%.

Those in the community who attended the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Skaneateles Lake Association were able to see a series of 6 posters with information about the SLA….including the poster on the SLA’s use of funding which showed that 92% of the funds that are received by the SLA go directly to providing the direct services and programs that we provide to meet our mission and achieve our goals. That is an incredible accomplishment!

The SLA Board of Directors works very hard and provides hours of volunteer time to achieve that 92% grade, but the Board is very aware that a large number of others help us to achieve that 92% use of funding for direct services and programs. Those people and businesses are also Stewards of the Lake and we could not achieve that 92% without them. They need to be proud of themselves and the Lake Community needs to recognize them for their role in the 92% grade the SLA has achieved.

Our 2017 Annual Meeting was a great educational and social event and a great example of how our community’s commitment to the Lake enables the SLA Board to achieve that 92% grade. It was made possible by the contributions of many in the community including: Bill and Janet Stinson for the beautiful venue and the tent; Mary Menapace who joined the Board in setting up the location; The Sherwood Inn, Johnny Angel’s, The Lake House Pub, The Blue Water Grill, Gilda’s, Doug’s Fish Fry, Oliver’s, Moro’s Kitchen, Rosalie’s, Joelle’s French Bistro, The Krebs, Skaneateles Bakery, Valentine’s, Colonial Lodge, White Birch Vineyards, Anyela’s and the Village Bottle Shop for the food and beverages; Salli Tuozzolo, Jo Werner, Dessa Bergen, Kim Driscoll and Mary Torrisi for the cookies; Deb Tifft for the cucumber water; Ann Kilian, Kathy Gorr, Deb Tifft, Carol Stokes-Cawley, Peg Kelly, Matt Delmonico, Debbie Paduda, Paul Torrisi Jr., Alex Giambartolomei, Don Plath, Steve White, Charlie McElroy, J. D. Delmonico, Patrick Delmonico, Mike Kelly, Ron Dippold, Ham Fish, Steve Mott and Joe Paduda who served the food and drink; Mary Gardner, Jo Werner, Mary Menapace, Marion Krauter, Mary Kendrick Gafney, Berverlee Akerblom, Anita Strods, Bobbie Dean and Claire Howard who registered folks as they arrived, and all those who stayed on to help clean up along with Steve White who took care of transporting the garbage. This is the kind of volunteer community commitment that it takes to get that grade of 92%. Every single one of these individuals is a member of the SLA and every single one of them is a Steward of the Lake.

The Milfoil Team has started to take up the mats that they put down earliest in the season and our Invasive Species Monitoring Stewards are continuing to help those who come to launch to understand the NYS Clean, Drained and Dry Law and ensure   watercraft are free of plant and animal material before launching. The Board has ordered new signs to ensure the law is made very clear to those come to launch on Skaneateles Lake and the board is working on developing a new video that can be used on our website and other media that makes clear the importance of protecting the lake and how those who come to the lake can be a part of the protection program.

If you live on the lake; if you boat, swim, kayak, sail or paddle the lake; if you fish the lake; if you drink the lake water; if the lake draws customers to your business; or if you just love the lake, shouldn’t you be a member of the Skaneateles Lake Association? Join us today at or call 315-685-9106 for a Registration Form & Mailing Envelope to be sent to you.

Please thank the following members whose additional donations in 2016 funded our 2017 workplan as sponsors of an Invasive Species Monitoring Steward or contributors to the Hardy Fund which also supports our Steward Program.

Invasive Species Monitoring Steward Sponsors: Jacqueline & David Eng, Diane & Duane Wiedor, Gwen Birchenough, Karlene & William Miller, Laurie & Alan Hahl, Nancy Peck, Diane Forney & Kevin Procter, Mary Pat & Dan Suits, Lynn Bonniver, Patricia & Bill Texeira, Locust Lane Association, Donna & Raymond Kurlak, Anonymous #7.

Contributors to the Hardy Fund: Elizabeth & Joseph Wood, Lou & Mark Bitz, Anne Buehler, Nancy & Bob Schattner, JoDean & Timothy Orcutt.


Source: Skaneateles Press




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