It is Definitely Not OVER After Labor Day

For a number of folks Life at the Lake is over after Labor Day, but for the Milfoil Boat Crew, the Lake Stewards and the Board of the Skaneateles Lake Association the LABOR is not over. The work of the SLA is continues.

The Milfoil Boat Crew is very busy rolling up the mats that were laid down early in the summer and returning with a different boat set up to pick up those mats and get them onto a truck and put away for next year.

The Lake Stewards are still manning the State Boat Launch to help ensure that boats that launch are clean, drained and dried.

The Board of the Skaneateles Lake Association is working to plan our activities for next year. We have to determine the most effective use of the funds we anticipate that we will have. There are suggestions of activities that we should participate in or even lead the charge for that we have to consider. The condition of the water in regard to foam and algae blooms is being watched carefully and causative factors being considered for possible future actions. We are sending out postcard reminders for renewing membership to those who were members in 2012 or 2013 but who have not renewed their membership for 2014. We are sending out letters to those who renewed their membership in the last quarter of 2013 reminding them it is time to renew for 2014.   We are going to be doing some work on our website to make it much more informative and interactive. Additionally, right now we are going to try to set up is a “Lost and Found on the Lake” function that could give everyone an easy way to report what they have lost and what they have found and hopefully make some matches. This function has been recommended by several residents and it might be a good fit for the SLA.

The work goes on!

In the meantime, even before there is a major revamping of our website, please check out the very top tab on the left that will bring you to all the photos that were submitted at our Annual Meeting and Open House in July. Looking through those photos is a great way to reinforce your appreciation for Skaneateles Lake and encourage you to be a part of helping to keep it clear and pure for the future by being an annual member of the SLA.

You can join the Skaneateles Lake Association by going to to complete your registration and pay your annual dues. If you do not have access to the Internet and would like a registration form mailed to you please call 315-685-9106 and leave a message with your name and mailing address.

Please thank the following for their sponsorship of the Milfoil Boat: Aug. 25-Lynn Lenihan in memory of Helen & Bob VanOrder; Aug. 26 – Aug. 28 – The Kaufman Foundation; Aug. 29 – Kimberly & John Mezzalingua; Sept. 2 – David Graham; Nancy & Douglas Mc Dowell; Sept. 3 – Nancy and Robert Stevens in honor of Jo & Bob Werner, Gretchen & Buzz Roberts; Sept. 4 – Brian & Maureen Harkins, Steve Mott, Randy & Thomas Cobb & Jackie Brown, Mary & Joseph Gaffney; Sept. 5 – Cate & Sally, Fran & Ham Fish, Laurie & Rob Taishoff, 10 Mile Point South Homeowners Association.

Please thank the following for their sponsorship of our Lake Stewards: June 19 – Joan Christy & Thomas Bersani, June. 20 – Patricia & Ed Carsky; June 21 – Barbara & Myron Egtvedt; June 22 – Hobbitt Hollow Farm; June 23 – Eleanor & Joseph Hubbard; June 24 – Marcia & Robert Hunt; June 25 – Russell Johnson; June 26 – Nancy & Ted Norman; June 27- Sycamore Gardens (Karen & George Hanford); June 28 & 29 – Margaret & Frank Bersani; June 30 – July 6 – David Lee Hardy Fund.

Source: Skaneateles Journal