News from the Skaneateles Lake Association

News from the Skaneateles Lake Association

A Young Girl, A Legacy Friend                                           Fran Rotunno Fish

A 12-year old girl named Georgia stepped up to the plate and recently became a friend of the Legacy Fund for Skaneateles Lake.

The Legacy Fund was instituted as the 4th component of the Skaneateles Lake Association’s plan in response to the algal bloom of the summer of 2017. The Legacy Fund is a specific capital fundraising campaign to expedite necessary monitoring and remediation to help prevent future Harmful Algal Blooms which pose a threat to the lifeblood of our community….Skaneateles Lake.

Early Legacy Fund Leaders and Legacy Friends gave the Fund a significant start towards its goal of 1.5 million dollars and some of those funds have paid for significant water/stream monitoring that was necessary to be able to apply to NYS for funding under a 9E Plan. Those funds also were needed to meet the 25% match required from the applying organization (the Town of Skaneateles).

The SLA’s Nutrient Management Committee has diligently worked to identify small remediation projects that the SLA can plan and carry out using the Legacy Fund in order to begin protection projects earlier knowing that the flow of funding from NYS will take longer. We anticipate a Fall start to the first of those projects.

Georgia learned about all the reasons for the SLA establishing the Legacy Fund for Skaneateles Lake at the 2019 Annual Meeting at Lourdes Camp. She listened carefully and looked carefully at the educational posters on display and then she went home and made a big decision.

Georgia, with what can only be described as exemplary guidance from her parents, keeps a “Giving Envelope”. She saves money from her allowance, puts in it in her “Giving Envelope” and makes her own decisions about how to distribute those funds to charities. Following the 2019 SLA Annual Meeting Georgia chose to join her parents in making a contribution to the Legacy Fund for Skaneateles Lake and it was Georgia’s decision to donate ALL of the funds in her “Giving Envelope” to the Legacy Fund for Skaneateles Lake.

We are of course pleased that Georgia made that choice. Indeed, we feel honored that a young girl would hold so dear the future health of Skaneateles Lake that she would make that choice. And finally, as I read what I entitled this article I realize it really should be “A Young Woman, A Legacy Friend”. Please join me in celebrating the thoughtfulness of this young woman with your own membership and Legacy Fund donation.

If you are already a member of the SLA for 2019, you can make a donation to the Legacy Fund by sending a check to the SLA, P. O. Box 862, Skaneateles, NY 13152. If you have never joined the SLA or need to rejoin, you can do so and make a contribution “beyond annual membership” and designate it for the “Legacy Fund”. If you would like a Member Registration Form, please call 315-685-9106. You can also join the SLA and make a Legacy Fund donation online at“Membership/Support”.

We thank the following for sponsorship of the Milfoil Boat for a day or multiple days: Barbara & Craig Froelich, David Graham, Jackie & Steve Miron, Gary Dower, Pam & Doug Hamlin, Janet & David Frank, Mary & Joseph Gaffney, Sherill & David Ketchum, Diane & Peter Lynch, Elsa & Peter Soderberg, Salli & James Tuozzolo.

We thank the following for co-sponsoring the Milfoil Boar for a day or multiple days: Carlyn Helmer, Charles O’Neil, Danielle & Peter Cerimeili, Carolyn Kaye & Donald Babcock, Louise & Robert Ganley, Marcia & Robert Hunt, Karen & Chris Kreidler, Cynthia & William McCauley, Elaine & Mathew Medwid, Kevin Smith, Reve & John Walsh, Mary Socci & Peter White, Barbara Benedict & Duncan Wormer, Lou & Mark Bitz, Kathryn & Robert Fagliarone, Celeste Gudas, Janice Hardy, Mary Ellen & Joe Hennigan, Ann Hinchcliff, Patty Orr, Shadow Lawn Lake Shore Company, Jaime Tuozzolo, Helga & Henry Beck, Ellie & Chet Benoit, Elet & John Callahan, Jennifer & David Campanile, Ruth & David Conley, Francine Devitt, Barbara & Kenneth Hearst, Sheila Hemani, Deborah & rich Hole, Ursula & David Hutton, Jolie & Scott Johnston, Beverly & David Jones, Joyce & Robin Jowaisas, Patti & Marvin Langley, Nancy Thomas & Chris Legg, Betsey Legg Madden & Bob Madden, Jill & Todd Marshall, Sharon & John Paddock, Cheryl & Jeff Palomaki, Maureen & Don Plath, Judy Robertson, Darcy & Douglas Sedgwick, Cynthia & Nicholas Signorelli, Trident Shoreline (Chris Foote), Van Order Family Partnership, Judy & John Varney, Jean & John Vincent, Demetra Vounas, Kati & Larry Weiss, Amy Wiles.

We thank the following who have sponsored our Invasive Species Monitoring Stewards: Patti & Bruce Texeira, Deana & David Weber, Emily & John Weeks, West Side Lake Association, Marie & Joe Grasso, Jeanne & Kenneth Hutton, Cate & Salli, Ann & Peter Paullin, Tacie & Roland Anderson, Clarice Begeman, Joy & Paul Charmandy, Margot McCormick, Catherine & Gregory Sankey, Sue & Joe Spalding..

We thank the following who have supported the David Lee Hardy Fund which also helps to fund our Steward Program: Frances & John McNerney, Kristen & David Marks, Enid & Gabor Racz, Clayton Theisen, FJ Estlinbaum Barge & Crane, Marion & Allan Krauter, Kathryn & Robert Fagliarone, Janice Hardy, Mary Ellen & Joe Hennigan, Mary Beth & Jeffrey Carlberg, Cate & Salli, Ann & Peter Paullin.

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