ALERT: Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) have been observed in the south eastern end of the lake.  LEARN MORE


The Skaneateles Lake Association is pleased to have the cooperation of the Towns of Skaneateles, Spafford and Scott and the owners of the Glen Haven Launch and Seveys Marina in agreeing to a standard sign to be posted at their launch sites reminding those launching to ensure their boats and trailers are free of plant and animal material and mud and that they do not empty bait well, bilge water or fish from any other any other body of water into Skaneateles Lake. It is a simple message that supports the message that our Invasive Species Monitoring Stewards have with boaters. A generous donation from the Columbian Foundation is paying for these signs. This kind of cooperation and support is exactly what the SLA needs to continue and advance its efforts to keep the waters of Skaneateles Lake clear and pure. The Board of the SLA plans to be reaching out to other launch access sites for their cooperation in posting the same sign.

Boaters who come to launch into Skaneateles Lake Cooperate with the Lake Stewards

This week the SLA received an email on its website from someone who questioned if the boat inspections at the launch site were voluntary and asked if a boater did not want to cooperative what legal authority did the Stewards have. Our answer to that email follows.

“Thank you for your inquiry.  The inspections are totally voluntary.  Our Stewards have found the boaters to be receptive to both the inspections and the information that the Stewards share.   We are fortunate that folks who love to come to our lake seem to want to help to keep it clear and its waters pure.  Please if you have any other questions do not hesitate to email us.”

Milfoil Crew Schedule

The Milfoil crew has completed putting down 5 acres of matting on large patches of milfoil. They are now working at hand harvesting smaller patches. If you see them be sure to give them a wave and a thank you. The hand harvesting is tedious work!

You can join the Skaneateles Lake Association by going to and clicking on “become a member”. You can also call 315-685-9106 to have a registration form mailed or mail a check made out to the Skaneateles Lake Association to P. O. Box 862, Skaneateles, NY 13152. Annual membership dues are $100 for a couple/family membership or $50 for an individual membership. Additional donations are always helpful and appreciated. Annual dues and donations are tax deductible.

Please thank the following people and organizations for sponsoring of the milfoil boat through their membership dues and additional generous donations to the Skaneateles Lake Association:

Aug. 5th Paula White, Stephanie & Carl Taylor, Diane & Joseph Goethe; Aug. 6th Julie Scuderi, Amy & David Allyn; Aug. 7th Carolyn Kaye & Donald Babcock, Marsha & Robert Hunt, Judy & John Varney, Christine & Robert Pierce; Aug. 8th The Gorman Family; Aug. 9th Lorraine Rapp & Jeffrey Kirshner, Anne & Robert McKenty, Shannon & Clayton Hale.

The SLA is in need of a 50 hp or greater outboard engine in good working condition or only requiring minor repair. If you have such an engine and are willing to donate it please contact us via email at or call 315-558-3142.

Source: Skaneateles Press