Wedding Bells that Rang for the Lake

Wedding Bells that Rang for the Lake

Fran Rotunno Fish

Most of us who live in the Skaneateles Lake Community have seen more than one wedding photo shoot in progress in Cliff Park down by the lakefront. The lake is always the perfect background for the bridal party, the beautiful dresses, the men in formal attire and the flowers. It is just one of those special scenes in that occur on the lakefront.

But this week, the SLA mail rang with wedding bells. Well, not actual bells, but rather the joy of 24 weddings!

We received one check for $50.00 for EACH wedding that was held at Aster Weddings and Events. That was a lot of wedding bells ringing. That commitment of a $50.00 donation for each wedding was made by Shannon Pratten from Aster Weddings and Events last year and to date the SLA has received $1300 in donations from the weddings held there – 23 this year and 3 last year. We are so appreciative of Shannon for recognizing the importance of our beautiful lake and community as a drawing card for her event space.

We also received a membership and $500 donation to the Legacy Fund for Skaneateles Lake from a Abagail Duggan and Christopher Short who encouraged their wedding guests to make their wedding gifts be charitable donations to a few charities near and dear to the couple’s hearts. We are so very appreciative that Abagail and Christopher named the Skaneateles Lake Association as one of the charities. We have to believe that their guests’ opportunity to see the lake while here for the wedding helped them to make the SLA their selected charity.

We thank the following for sponsoring the Milfoil Boat for a day: Jeannie and Henry Slauson, The Slottje Family, John Osborne.

We thank Bev and Steve White for co-sponsoring the Milfoil Boat for a day.

We thank Casmir Bobowski, Laura & Sean O’Keefe, Charles Ryan & Eileen Murphy, Virginia & Jeffrey Stannard for sponsoring a Steward for a day.

We thank Anne & Charles Elroy for their support of the Hardy Fund.

During this third quarter of 2019, the SLA Board will be making important decisions about the efforts we can fund in 2020. Will we do more, the same or less to control Milfoil and protect the lake from invasive species? Will we be able to continue our efforts to conduct research and data collection to help identify the possible sources for the nutrient loading that cause Harmful Algal Blooms? Can we continue to plan for future mitigation projects to protect the lake as a source of drinking water, recreation and a driver of the area economy? Your annual SLA memberships and donations to the Legacy Fund for Skaneateles Lake will answer those questions. Please if you have received a notice that it is time to renew your annual membership, RENEW now and consider going beyond annual membership and making a donation to the Legacy Fund for Skaneateles Lake. You can renew and donate online at or you call 315-685-9106 if you need a registration form and return envelope mailed to you

Source:  Skaneateles Press Observer