A Continuing Memorial to Someone who Loved the Lake

A Continuing Memorial to Someone who Loved the Lake

Lee Hardy loved Skaneateles Lake.  He loved it in every season of the year and found fun, quiet enjoyment and peace in the lake.  His family wanted to do something special in memory of Lee when he died at far too early an age.  Doing something that would be good for the lake he loved made sense to them.  In 2012 they initially funded the David Lee Hardy Memorial Fund to support our Invasive Species Lake Steward Monitoring Program.  The Hardy Family’s initial donation to the fund was significant in supporting our early efforts to initiate the program.  Since the initiation of the Fund, there have been a few people each year who make donations to the Fund in addition to their annual membership fee.  Interestingly, this year the number and amount of those donations has increased.  So far this year a total of 13 days of Steward coverage have been supported by contributions to the David Lee Hardy fund.


The Board of Directors of the Skaneateles Lake Association is grateful to Lee’s family for establishing the Fund and also grateful to those who continue to support it.  We do not know if they make the contributions because they knew Lee or know his family or if they do it because they just support the Steward program.  We do know the Fund provides a vehicle for our members to make additional donations to an important part of the overall plan of the SLA to keep the waters of Skaneateles Lake clear and pure.  We are pleased that support of the Steward Program can continue to be a memorial to Lee.

You can join the Skaneateles Lake Association by going to SkaneatelesLake.org to complete your registration and pay your annual dues.  If you do not have access to the Internet and would like a registration form mailed to you please call 315-685-9106 and leave a message with your name and mailing address.

All of what we do as the SLA is only possible with membership fees and additional, generous donations made by many of our members.  Please note and thank the following members for their additional donations that are supporting the Milfoil Boat and our Invasive Species Monitoring Stewards.

Milfoil Boat Sponsors:  6/12/15 Margaret Tourville, Eleanor & Ben Ware, Maureen & Joseph Wilson, Members of the Westside Lake Association; 6/15/15 Mary & Paul Torrisi, Ann & David Ann Lee, Marie & Joe Grasso, Barbara & Bill Dean; 6/16/15 Marjorie & Kenneth Blanchard; 6/17/15 Elsa & Peter Soderberg; 6/18/15 Paula White, Dawn & Michael Teixeira, Ann & John Sveen, The Sherwood Inn.

Invasive Species Monitoring Stewards: 5/25/15 Kristopher Scholl, 5/26/15 Mary & Paul Torrisi, 5/27/15 Barbara & John Spain, 5/28/15 Carolyn & John Tierney, 5/29/15 Kate & Mont Pooley; 5/30/15 Beverly & David Jones; 5/31/15 Janice Hardy; 6/1/15 – 6/5/15 Gretchen & Buzz Roberts; 6/6/15 – 6/10/15 Deborah & Ed  Brennan; 6/11/15 Contributions to the David Lee Hardy Fund made by Janice Hardy, Barbara & Robert Amsler & Sara Holben.

Source:  Skaneateles Journal