ALERT: Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) have been observed in the south eastern end of the lake.  LEARN MORE


The Skaneateles Lake Association’s 5th year started with the training of this year’s crew of Invasive Species Monitoring Stewards who have been in place since May 25th, daily at the NYS DEC Launch site and Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Town of Skaneateles Launch site in Mandana and the Town of Scott Launch site.  The Milfoil Crew is back at work after some delay caused by a lot of rain and storm effect that made for poor visibility underwater.  They have 5 acres of Benthic matting to place over large areas of milfoil identified in the lake survey done by Bob Werner last fall.  They also have some specified areas to do harvesting by hand in areas where it is not possible to put down matting.

Our board has finalized the plans for our Annual Meeting which will be held on Sunday, July 12th from 5 – 7 pm at Brooklawn on Fire Lane 43, the Mandana home of Ted and Nancy Norman.  Those who attended last year can tell you it was both an informative and fun event and we hope all of our members will save the date and come this year.  Please go to for complete information about the annual meeting and how to RSVP.

Our editors and writing staff are finishing up the summer issue of our newsletter.  We know that you will find each of the articles informative.  We will be mailing it to everyone in the 13152 zip code by Every Door Direct Delivery and also by bulk mail to any one on our member or potential member list who has a different mailing address.  It will also be available on our website.  Look for it, read it, share it and use the Member Registration section on the last page to join if you have not already done so for 2015.  You can also join on line at – just click on the “Membership/Support Tab” and then the “Become a Member” or “Renew Membership” tab.

All of what we do as the SLA is only possible with membership fees and additional, generous donations made by many of our members.  Please note and thank the following members for their additional donations that are supporting the Milfoil Boat and our Invasive Species Monitoring Stewards.

Milfoil Boat Sponsors:  6/12/15 Margaret Tourville, Eleanor & Ben Ware, Maureen & Joseph Wilson, Members of the Westside Lake Association; 6/15/15 Mary & Paul Torrisi, Ann & David Ann Lee, Marie & Joe Grasso, Barbara & Bill Dean; 6/16/15 Marjorie & Kenneth Blanchard; 6/17/15 Elsa & Peter Soderberg; 6/18/15 Paula White, Dawn & Michael Teixeira, Ann & John Sveen, The Sherwood Inn.

Invasive Species Monitoring Stewards: 5/25/15 Kristopher Scholl, 5/26/15 Mary & Paul Torrisi, 5/27/15 Barbara & John Spain, 5/28/15 Carolyn & John Tierney, 5/29/15 J=Kate & Mont Pooley; 5/30/15 Beverly & David Jones; 5/31/15 Janice Hardy; 6/1/15 – 6/5/15 Gretchen & Buzz Roberts; 6/6/15 – 6/10/15 Deborah & Ed  Brennan; 6/11/15 Contributions to the David Lee Hardy Fund made by Janice Hardy, Barbara & Robert Amsler & Sara Holben.

Source:  Skaneateles Press




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