Donation to SLA means donation to you

Donation to SLA means donation to you

A few weeks ago the SLA received a membership renewal with an additional generous donation.  Subsequently, I happened to “run into” the individual and thanked him for the support.  He responded, “I live on the lakefront.  It is a donation to me.”  At our first annual meeting of the SLA held in concert with the Finger Lakes Land Trust a few years ago one of the speakers emphasized the same thought, but he expanded it to have meaning for the entire lake community, not just those who live on lakefront property.  While I can’t, years later, quote him, in essence he said that if you live here in the lake community supporting the SLA in its work to keep this lake clear and pure is a no brainer and that your membership is a donation to yourself in support of the community in which you live.

Please keep the words and thoughts of both of these people in mind.  Look around your community and ask yourself what would it be like to live here without this beautiful lake and all of the quality of life that it brings to the community and JOIN the SLA for 2015 today.  You can join easily at You can enhance your annual membership fee by paying it by check thus saving us the fee we would have to pay to PayPal for a credit card or PayPal account payment.  If you do not have access to the internet call 315-685-9106 and I will send you a 2015 Registration Form and a return envelope.

If you are doing some shopping for Mother’s Day Support the SLA through Amazon Smile… Every Little Bit Helps

The Skaneateles Lake Association has registered with Amazon to be a recipient under their Amazon Smile Program. This program enables you to choose the Skaneateles Lake Association as the recipient of a donation from Amazon each time you shop on Amazon. com.If you are interested the procedure for using it is quite simple:

Visit Log in to your Amazon account. Search for “Skaneateles Lake Association, Inc.” Start shopping. Amazon will donate an amount equivalent to 0.5% of your purchases directly to the Skaneateles Lake Association. While the percentage is small it can be a significant contribution if a large number of our members participate.  There is no cost to the shopper. The donation comes directly from Amazon.  Please check it out at

 Source: Skaneateles Journal