The Lake is Awake….

The Lake is Awake….

 Just like many of us after a good night’s sleep or a long winter’s nap….the lake is awake.  It has stretched its arms, yawned some BIG yawns and turned over a few times.  While we have had some reports of shoreline structure damage, hopefully with the lake level down a bit before the big thaw there was not a great amount of shoreline structure damage or shoreline erosion.

It would be helpful to get reports of any major shoreline structure damage and we encourage you to report the damage, the approximate location and an estimated cost to the SLA via our website,  Just click on the “contact us” tab to send us the information.  We will compile the reports for use in putting together a picture of the type, extent and cost of damage that occurs with the spring storms and ice melts.

The SLA has had several reports of items close to the shoreline that have taken a ride up or down the lake.  Our website also has a “lost and found” report format under the “contact us” tab and you can use this tab to report items lost or found and you might be lucky and find out that we have a “match”.  That way you can get back your lost item or get those items that landed on your shoreline back to their home.

Last Thursday’s “Neighbors West” section of the Post Standard had a story about a special fund generated by hotel room taxes that the Onondaga County Legislature has for funding projects and programs that are supportive of increasing tourism and economic development related to tourism.  The Skaneateles Lake Association has applied for a grant from this fund to purchase a motor for our pontoon boat that is used to transport the Benthic matting that our divers place on the bottom of the lake over large areas of milfoil growth.  We have sent an email to current members who have an email address and reside anywhere in Onondaga County.  The email included the information about the fund and a copy of the SLA’s letter requesting funds for the motor.  Members were also provided with contact information for the County Legislators and asked to call, email or write to them in support of the SLA’s funding request.  The letter can be accessed on our website.  If anyone did not receive the email, you can help the SLA by making a supportive call or writing a letter or sending an email in support of this request.  All the information you need to do so is on our website under “News/Events” via the “News” tab.

JOIN the SLA for 2015 today.  You can join easily at You can enhance your annual membership fee by paying it by check thus saving us the fee we would have to pay to PayPal for a credit card or PayPal account payment.  If you do not have access to the internet call 315-685-9106 and I will send you a 2015 Registration Form and return envelope

Source:  Skaneateles Press