The Milfoil Team is Still at Work

For the past few weeks the Milfoil Team has been in and on the bottom of the lake rolling up the benthic matting placed over large areas of milfoil at the beginning of the season. They are finishing up on the South end of the lake near Lourdes camp this week and will be rolling up the matting in a north east area near the Sailing Club next week.  After the matting is rolled up on the bottom of the lake, the team returns with a pontoon boat specifically outfitted to lift the mats (they are heavy) up to the pontoon boat for reuse next year. It is hard work and as many of you know the water is getting colder.

It’s all about membership…..

The SLA is going to be sending out postcard reminders to 50 families that were SLA members in 2011 who did not join in 2012 and have not yet joined in 2013 and about 200 families who joined the SLA in 2012 but have not yet joined in 2013. We hope that these Lake Lovers will understand that their membership dues are what enables us to continue our work and that the membership gives us a bigger and louder voice in dealing with the various municipalities and agencies from whom we need co-operation. Currently, for the 2013 calendar year, the SLA has 566 members. In addition to the 250 2011 and 2012 SLA members who have not yet joined for 2013, we are still pursuing the 600 owners of lakefront or lake rights property who have never donated to the SLA So we are asking all of these people, once again, “If you are not a 2013 member of the Skaneateles Lake Association, shouldn’t you be an annual member this year and every year?

You can join the Skaneateles Lake Association by going to and clicking on “become a member”. You can also call 315-685-9106 to have a registration form mailed or mail a check made out to the Skaneateles Lake Association to P. O. Box 862, Skaneateles, NY 13152. There are also membership forms on the back of our SLA Newsletter that was recently mailed out to all in the lake community. Annual membership dues are $100 for a couple/family membership or $50 for an individual membership. Additional donations are always helpful and appreciated. Annual dues and donations are tax deductible.

Please thank the following people for sponsoring of the milfoil boat through their membership dues and additional generous donations to the Skaneateles Lake Association: Sept. 9th Lynn & David Curtin, Ellie & Chet Benoit, Cate & Sally, Mary Jane &n Gary Lowery; Sept. 10th Paradigm Properties, Marie & Joe Grasso, Mary Beth & William Gleason; 9/11/13, 9/12/13, & 9/13/13 Ellen Brown & Carl Schramm.The following people sponsored the Lake Stewards over the Labor Day Weekend – The DuBois Family and Diane & Stephen Bregande.

Source: Skaneateles Journal