Your vote counts

Your vote counts

Our televisions and print and electronic media are all inundating us with news about the upcoming elections – town, county, and Federal. But before you say you are tired of hearing about it all, please consider another upcoming election that could significantly affect the Skaneateles Lake Community.

Right now the Board of Directors of the Skaneateles Lake Association is looking at its on-hand funds which are available to make commitments in regard to the work for which we can contract next year – that’s right work we will do in 2016. At this point in our membership campaign for 2015 (which predominately funds the work we can do in 2016) we do not have the funds we need to carry out the same level of effort we have in 2015.   So it is time for the Skaneateles community to vote.

Our community members have several options for their vote. They can:

  1. Vote for the SLA to do less matting of major patches of milfoil in 2016;
  2. Vote to do less hand harvesting of milfoil in areas that cannot be matted;
  3. Vote for the Invasive Species Monitoring Stewards to be assigned to the lake’s launch sites for FEWER hours and/or FEWER days; OR
  4. Vote in favor of the SLA doing everything in 2016 it has done in 2015 and maybe even more.

The voting procedure is very easy.

Doing nothing is a vote for option 1, 2, or 3 (doing less).

To vote in favor of the SLA continuing and maybe expanding its efforts to help keep Skaneateles Lake clear and its water pure:

Go and registering as a member; or

Call 315-685-9106, ask for a registration form to be mailed to you, complete the form and mail it with your check to the Skaneateles Lake Association P. O. Box 862 Skaneateles, NY 13152; or

Use the registration slip on the bottom of this summer’s SLA newsletter, complete the form and mail it with your check to the Skaneateles Lake Association P. O. Box 862 Skaneateles, NY 13152.

Our voting procedure is simple…..and your vote counts!


The SLA thanks the following individuals for their additional donations in support of the Milfoil Boat and the Lake Stewards.

Milfoil Boat Sponsors: Aug 17 & 18 Beecher Graham & Jonathan Brodack; Aug. 19 Skaneateles Country Club; Aug. 20 Greenfield Lane Association; Aug. 21 Lousia & John Cohlan; Aug 24 Donna & William Davis; Aug 25 Salli & Jim Tuozzolo; Aug 26 Johanna & Gianfranco Frittelli; Aug 27 Pamela Preston & Jason Slottje; Aug 28 Janet and William Allyn; Aug 31 Noreen & Michael Falcone, Tacie & Roland Anderson; Judy & John Varney, Alice 7 Neil Houser; Sept 1 Ursula & David Hutton, Carl & Alex Protasiewicz, Shadowlawn Lakeshore Corporation, Helga & Henry Beck, Sept. 2 Katherine & Joseph Compagni; Sept 3 Ellie & Chet Benoit, George Ann & Edwin Bock, Jackie & Steve Miron, Colleen Plimpton; Sept 4 Kathy & Paul Leone

Steward Sponsors: Aug 14 Pam & John Pidhirny; Aug 15 Jennifer & Bill Mayo; Aug 16 Theresa & Mark Potenza; Aug 17 Virginia & Jeffrey Stannard

 Source:  Skaneateles Press